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The Alive Gathering Ministries is my home church because - when I was a ship lost in
stormy seas, a ship whose rudder was broken, and sails were torn, The Alive
Gathering Ministries appeared out of nowhere like a lighthouse, and it guided me
safely into the harbor of His love. There God repaired me and prepared me for a
journey. ~~ Bill

The Alive Gathering Ministries is my home church because of many reasons: from
the presence of God you experience when you walk into the building – to the Word of
God that is preached with Holy Spirit conviction. But most of all, it is the love of God
I feel from its members who have become my church family. ~~ Christine

The mission statement of The Alive Gathering Ministries says that it is a safe harbor
and an emergency room. But for me, it is a long-term care facility full of God’s love.
It has become my home, and the people are my family. ~~ Jane

Out of many reasons to love my church, there are two that mean the most to me.
Missing my first chance to visit The Alive Gathering Ministries, my second chance
came shortly thereafter. That visit found me sitting in an empty row of seats, only to
have a sweet young lady come and sit beside me. I had not noticed her purse under
her chair when I sat down. That young lady became my wife a short time later. And
the second greatest reason to love my church is because of the love shared by my
church family. ~~ George

I was looking for a church for a long time when I first came to The Alive Gathering
Ministries. I felt the moving of the Holy Spirit. This was what I was looking for. I
know I belong and experience the peace of God. Working for the Lord here, I am
useful. I thank God for Pastor Davis; he’s a true friend in the Lord. Praise God.
~~ John O.

The Alive Gathering Ministries is my home because it is a Bible-based church with a core group of Christians who welcomed me with open arms.  At my first visit, every person in the church greeted me; I had never experienced that before.  Pastor Davis and his wife Faith KNOW their congregation and it is a church that works together to do what needs to be done.  There is shared heartache, tears, victories, and joy in each service; when I leave, I have been replenished by the power of the Holy Spirit - Glory to God!  This is a Spirit-Filled Church!!!

~~ Cindy P.

The Alive Gathering Ministries is my home church because it is filled with God’s Spirit.  I have been healed, delivered, and grown spiritually.  It is a real church where souls are saved.  Through this ministry, God saved my son’s and my dad’s lives.  Other family members and friends have also been saved and healed.  ~~ Pam

The Alive Gathering Ministries is my home church because I love the presence of God.  I love the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  I greatly appreciate the prayer ministry; it helped me through some health challenges.  ~~ Cheryl

Miracles happen here at The Alive Gathering Ministries.  The anointing breaks the yoke of bondage for those who believe the unadulterated Word of God that is preached - and receive it by faith.  ~~ Anonymous

Sunday morning services start my week off right; I feel positive going into the week.  Sunday services calm me and put me in the right state of mind.  I’m glad I found The Alive Gathering Ministries.  ~~ Geogeann


The Alive Gathering Ministries is my home church because . . . I was not going to any church at all even though there are three churches within walking distance of my home.  My mom said she and I would go, but that never happened.  I started coming to TAGM in 2004.  The church is a family to me and my husband.  It means coming together to worship God and to be with others. ~~ Sally G.


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